EART 10, Winter 2016.
Geologic Principles
Lower Division
5 Units
Introduction to the scientific study of Earth, the materials composing it, and the processes shaping it. Topics include minerals and rocks, Earth’s internal structure, plate tectonics, earthquakes and volcanoes, oceans and the atmosphere, the formation of landscapes and global change. A one-day, optional field trip is included. Concurrent enrollment in 10L required for majors and minors. (General Education Code(s): SI, IN.)
EART 206, Winter 2015,2016
Great Papers In The Earth Sciences
5 Units
Exposure to the most important ideas in the Earth sciences through exploration of the primary literature. Seminal papers in different subdisciplines of the Earth sciences are read and analyzed to provide breadth and improve students’ ability to think critically. Enrollment restricted to Earth sciences graduate students.
EART 127, Spring 2016
Radiogenic Isotopes
Upper Division
5 Units
Introduces the systematics and applications of radiogenic isotopes. Topics include geochronology, isotopic tracers of crust, mantel and core differentiation, short-lived isotopic systems, and inorganic mass spectrometry. Practical exercises focus on reduction of isotopic data and interpretation. Prerequisite(s): course 110B.