UCSC Geochronologists in the news

A partially complete list of the news media coverage of our team’s current and past research:

Blackburn et al., 2020:

This manuscript has been reported on by a number of news outlets. See Altmetric tracking,  as well as the below:

National Geographic 

Environmental Health News


photo credit: Michael Scudder



Blackburn et al., 2019:

This manuscript was featured on the  cover of “GEOLOGY” .

Our research has inspired some poetry. Check out this Geosonnet on glacial polish from the geoblogger “lab lemming”.









Blackburn et al., 2013:

This manuscript was featured on the cover of “Science” and has been reported on by 58 news stories from 38 outlets. Below is a selection:

“Triassic Extinction Tied to Massive Lava Spills” Scientific American also at Nature

Mega-eruptions Caused Mass Extinction, Study Finds” National Geographic

“Another link between CO2 and mass extinctions of species”, The Conversation






Blackburn et al., 2012:

“New research suggests North American continent is a slow eroder”, at PHYSORG.com (2012)

Why North America Won’t Erode Away” Live Science (2012)